Latest News from RSM Press

Latest News from RSM Press

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RSM Press eJournals Collection 2010

RSM Press are pleased to introduce the RSM Press eJournals Collection for 2010. The collection has expanded to include four new journals – Experimental Biology and Medicine, the Medico-Legal Journal, Medicine Science and the Law and Ultrasound. You can now access 21 highly cited, peer reviewed journals covering a wide range of topics from sexual health to tropical medicine, to telemedicine and medical screening.

JRSM Shorts (Dec 2009)

JRSM Short Reports is a new online, peer reviewed, open access journal for medicine and healthcare which aims to influence patient care internationally across all medical specialties.

RSM Open (Aug 2009)

RSM Press’ new open access service, RSM Open allows for certain articles to be available free online. Learn more about RSM Open.

Medicine Science and the Law (Aug 2009)

Coming soon: Medicine Science and the Law, on behalf of the British Academy of Forensic Sciences.

Ultrasound (Aug 2009)

RSM Press will be publishing Ultrasound from January 2010, on behalf of the British Medical Ultrasound Society.

Experimental Biology and Medicine (Aug 2009)

Experimental Biology and Medicine: This vitally important journal in the field of Biomedical Sciences is dedicated to the publication of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research.

The Medico-Legal Journal (June 2009)

The Medico-Legal Journal provides an official record of the proceedings of the Medico-Legal Society, and is dedicated to promoting Medico-Legal knowledge in all its aspects.

Hand Therapy

Launched in 2009, Hand Therapy, (previously the British Journal of Hand Therapy) is published on the behalf of the British Association of Hand Therapists.

Handbook of Practice Management (Feb 2009)

The Handbook of Practice Management has moved to Highwire! You can now find information about this essential tool for Practice Managers on this site. Find out how to activate your online access.