About us

Established over 200 years ago, the RSM is an independent non-political organization whose mission is to promote and exchange views on medical, educational and other health care issues and to provide a broad range of education for qualified doctors and healthcare workers. The RSM has a worldwide multidisciplinary membership that currently exceeds 20,000, including a substantial number of overseas members.

RSM Press, an independent company publishing both journals and books, is the publishing arm of the RSM.

RSM Press journals cover a wide variety of subjects in the medical field, from biochemistry to ethics and from biography to telemedicine.

In addition to publishing our own journals, we also provide publishing services to an increasing number of medical societies and organisations, such as the British Menopause Society. For more information about our Society publishing services, please visit our For Societies page.

For more information about RSM Press books, please visit the RSM Press website